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2nd [Hospital + Innovation] Expo Japan

Medical Instruments
Hospital Facilities
Surgery/Operating Room Equipment
Infection Prevention, Sterilization
Disaster/FA/Emergency-related Products
Medical/Nursing Care Food
Management Assistance
Various Services for Hospitals and Clinics
Testing Kits/Devices
Diagnostic Reagents
Books, Magazines, Publications

1st Medical IT Solutions Expo

Electronic Chart Formation/Management System
Medical Imaging Solutions
Clinical Accounting, Financial System/Solutions
Patient Check-in, Attendance Management System/Software
Telemedicine, Regional Medical Liaison
Supply Processing and Distribution System/Solutions
Security System/Solutions
Healthcare Devices, Wearable Devices
Patient Monitoring Systems
Other IT Solutions
Books, Magazines, Publications

Nursing Expo Japan 2016 - 2nd International Nursing & Nursing Care Expo

Scrubs, Nursing Uniforms, Footwear
Nursing Supplies, Elderly Care/Patient Care Products
Furniture and Fixtures for Facilities
Bathing Supplies and Equipment
Hygiene Products
Nursing Care Robots
Nursing Support Software/System
Health Appliances, Rehabilitation Products
Fall Prevention Products
Home Care Products
Assistive Devices
AT (Assistive Technology) Vehicles
Books, Magazines, Publications

2nd Regenerative Medicine Expo & Conference Japan

Regenerative Medicine Products, Technologies
Cell Processing Centers (CPC)
Cell Evaluation Devices
Storage/Transportation Services
Contract Manufacturing, Contract Services
Basic Laboratory Equipment, Reagents
Drug Discovery Technology
Laboratory Supplies (Culture Vessels, Media, Reagents, etc.)
Books, Magazines, Publications

6th Medical Device Development Expo Osaka

Electronic Components/Technology, Power Supplies
Optical Components
Machine Components
Prototype Manufacturing, Process Technology
Motion Technology, Motors
Forming Machines, Tools
3D Printers, 3D Scanners
Testing and Measuring Equipment, Sensors
Other Various Products, Technologies
Books, Magazines, Publications


Materials Processing
Bioprocess/Biopharma Manufacturing Technologies
Supplies, Transfer
Clean Room, Sterilizing Equipment
Laboratory Measurement/Analysis
Process Measurement/Inspection
Logistics & Transportation
Packaging Machineries, Materials
Contract Services
Plant Engineering
Ingredients, Intermediates
Analysis, Custom Synthesis Equipment and Services
Other Various Products, Technologies
Books, Magazines, Publications