SECOM respond to medical ICT with [CLOUD].
Exhibitor Information
SECOM provide various medical ICT services. We are not only providing the EMR, but also creating a model of local medical cooperation, assisting analysis for hospital management, and so on.
Country: Japan
Department/Division: Solution Department
TEL: 81-3-5215-7330
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Exhibited Products / Technologies
SECOM SMASH - the analytical system of management information for hospital
SECOM SMASH is a Business Intelligence tool, which visualizes hospitals' financial condition. It clarifies the mechanism of hospital income, and we can get basic data for planning financial strategy.
SECOM OWEL - the electronic medical record for non-bed or home medical care clinics-
SECOM OWEL is based on cloud computing system. You can use it outside, only by connecting to the internet. The screen design is simple, so everyone can use it easily.
Secom Ubiquitous EMR - for small and medium sized hospitals or clinics-
Secom Ubiquitous EMR is based on cloud computing EMR system for the first time in Japan. Patient data is saved in Secom secure data center, so users can access patient data from everywhere.
SECOM LINKus - local medical cooperation -
SECOM LINKus can store the EMR data provided by third parties in our Secom secure data center.
This service would increase quality of patient care for users such as doctors, nurses, and care workers.