Laser-welded fluorine resin cryopreservation bag for med use
Exhibitor Information
Fluorine resin cryopreservation bag and laser sealer have been developed. The bag tolerates liquid nitrogen exposure and can be used safely for tissue/cell engineering, or medical transplantation.
Country: Japan
Department/Division: Business Promotion
TEL: 81-6-6916-5005
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Exhibited Products / Technologies
Fluorine resin cryopreservation bag
This bag is ideal for keeping living tissues under cryogenic environment. Fluorine resin has excellent low-temperature characteristics and chemical resistance, so its contents can be stored safely.
Bag sealer using laser welding method assisted by solid heat sink
Installed for on-site use, this sealer using heat sink technology can weld fluorine resin cryopreservation bag easily and firmly. Sealing condition can be set via touch-screen interface.